Useful education related initiatives and startups

Computer Masti

Computer Masti
Computer Masti is a content-service solution to teach computer science in schools. It consists of an extensively research based curriculum.



Tata ClassEdge

Tata ClassEdge is an innovative and comprehensive educational solution from Tata ClassEdge.


Curriculum Company
The Curriculum Company is an innovator in the K-12 education space, focused on designing inclusive and easy-to-use solutions for both teachers and children.
Our solutions are created with the steadfast motive of enabling better results in teaching and learning, so all stakeholders’ benefit from the learning environment.
We use inventive strategies to create solutions that integrate print along with technology as an enabler to build 21st century skills in all children empowering them
to become lifelong learners.

The Curriculum Company is an innovator in the K-12 education space, focused on designing inclusive and easy-to-use solutions for both teachers and children.




India’s fastest growing result oriented employability skills development company.

FACE offers skill development programs covering all aspects of employability pertaining to college students, i.e. Problem Solving Skills, Communication & Behavior
Skills, and Technology & Domain Skills. FACE offers its full range of services to students through partnerships with educational institutions across South India. It
has regional offices across Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Cochin, and Hyderabad and covers the rest of the geography from these regional offices.



KNOLSKAPE builds business simulations and experiential software products and services that help managers become better decision makers.



In the present scenario with the ever demanding schedule of teachers and parents it becomes difficult for them to impart the required and timely information to the
students. This is where our organization will help the students. Our team of expert career consultants is equipped with the updated information on both the established
and upcoming career options.



Skidos is a gaming studio that makes fun and challenging learning games. We make products that encourage thinking, solving and above all playing.


ipintentio – Career Focussed Learning
[ Android App Development, Digital IC Design, Web Page Design … ]



Social Learning Network for Math and Science



We are a learning design and development company that creates innovative and effective learning solutions for a worldwide clientele.



Mobule – An Edustartup in India in the process of developing Tablet Oriented Learning & Teaching Solutions

Illustrate is an innovative English dictionary app that uses animated videos to showcase actual conversations to explain words and their meanings.

MarkSharks is a learning app where children learn classroom concepts through games, simulations and virtual experiments on their mobile devices.


PracticalCoding is the best place to learn coding. We connect Experienced Developers who have passion to share Knowledge with learners.


YoungCurrent is a News Resource for Students(Grades 3-12). We aggregate news that is Student friendly. Signed Up users get Personalized News Daily.


Ignus is a social entrepreneurship venture with its major focus in alleviating the problem of migration of students in smaller cities of India for a better pre-
university education.

The Pre-University years are a crucial time in a student’s life and and in this competition fierce era an inefficient and improper learning process can deprive even
the most talented ones of a good university selection.To make matters worse,such an elite level of training is only available at select locations which turn out to be
expensive and a major burden for the lower earning strata of Tier II cities.

We are geared towards providing an equal opportunity for this demographic using technology oriented learning.We provide complete learning packages which include video
lectures,sample questions,solutions,tests and pre-lecture reading.The lectures and questions are provided by some of the best teachers and faculties in the country.In
a way we bring the superior education opportunities to the smaller towns at a much more affordable price.





Global Notes Marketplace to help students find and purchase notes prepared by other students.

Students can share their notes, assignments, project reports, presentations, etc. and earn money in return on successive sales.

Students can also get access to infinite study resources at a very low cost and can help them study effectively. The study notes are easily accessible on the mobile
reader app of Notesgen.



Play. Learn. Thrive – Fun and learning K-12 personalized education for every child.



Learnix Edutech is a fast emerging education and technology enterprise founded by IIT graduates. We provide comprehensive learning solutions to make education future
ready. Our aim is to transform the learning environment by bridging the gap between traditional teaching and contemporary technology.

Learnix is a fast emerging education and technology enterprise, founded by IIT-BHU graduates. The idea of Learnix emerged in 2011 and finally Learnix came into
existence in 2014. With our exceptional approach and commitment to excellence we endeavor to optimize learning experience by using technology enabled solutions.
Learnix has taken the shape of a vibrant, dynamic and responsible enterprise facilitating elite educational services. We provide innovative technology based support
system to enhance knowledge and skills of the students required to face the challenges of 21st century. Our learning-centered methodology and holistic approach
guarantees an effective and sustainable learning solutions resulting in rapid improvement in the performance of learners.



XAMCHECK is one of the fastest growing education startups in India serving more than 100,000 students with its flagship product IMAX.

India’s only third party exam service for schools. We’re bringing education out of the industrial age with data driven personalized learning experiences.



Online video learning platform. Textbooks lessons digitalized in short videos.Quick learning experience. Learn within 3 minutes.




We help create journal-ready submissions for researchers.
Want to create journals, resumes or legal documents. We are here! Our solution allows users to create structured-documents within just seconds.



We are here to revolutionize the stock market education in India. We believe that the right education can encourage people to be a part of the stock markets.

TradingSikho is our effort to revolutionize stock market education in India. We feel that there are not enough independent practical resources available for people to
understand the nuances of stock market trading. Traditionally, in India stock market trading is associated with time pass, gambling, waste of money, etc. However, we
believe that it is a science which can be learned through proper education. There are people who are successfully making money and we invite them to join us as
trainers so that others, who have not yet started this amazing journey with stock markets can take the plunge!



GreyKernel is developing immersive edutainment content for high-end mobility & low cost virtual reality devices like Google Cardboard & GearVR.



The institute aims at enriching learning through enriched experiences. A source of diverse experiences, It employs the holistic method of learning called experiential
learning, a method of learning adapted by leading educators and facilitators around the world that draws on personal experiences and facilitates insight and learning.
Responding to the need for a change in the way we have conventionally been learning and a vacuum that has been created by existing methodologies, the institute aims at
proving a source of alternative learning



Zaya (formerly known as “Teach A Class”) brings the power of online education and blended learning to students who otherwise would not have access to it. Using our
cloud-based, plug-n-play wireless toolkit (“Educational WIFI Hotspots”), which are pre-packaged with learning material, we can enable a classroom cloud anywhere in the
Additionally, we have integrated some groundbreaking, learning modules, such as the SMILE Program on our Hotspots, by which teachers and students can also develop
their own questions and videos, allowing for collaborative learning.




Edbrix is an Advanced Interactive google based Cloud Based Portal created especially for Schools, Teachers, Trainers, Tutors, Professors.




Next Education is a fast-growing, technology-driven company revolutionising the education system in India. Using the latest technology, we create cutting-edge products
for the education sector that make learning and teaching easier, more fun, and more effective.



Barnoparichay – Bengali

Barnoparichay is an interactive Bengali learning app that teaches Bangla Bornomala (alphabets and numbers) to kids.






We love to innovate and deliver technology that makes learning fun, intuitive, social and effective!



Kings Learning is an employability- focused organisation. By utilizing innovate and progressive language and skill enhancement training methods, we help students,
corporates and institutions unleash their potential in the modern workplace.

enguru: Spoken English App

XSEED is a complete Teaching & Learning Improvement System working in 1600 schools in India & abroad.



Online hyper-local marketplace for kids & parents to discover activities & learning programs | Currently available in Bangalore


I-Nurture Education

I-Nurture Education
‘iNurture’ stands for ‘Intelligent Nurturing’. Intelligent nurturing of young talent to make them employable on graduation with a long-term career orientation is our motto.


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