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Useful open learning resources for Entrepreneurship

Technology Entrepreneurship by Stanford

Very Impactful People: SENSA Speaker Series


Lecture Collection | Technology Entrepreneurship


Lecture Collection | Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar


Lecture Collection | Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Venture Capital

Feature | Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Highlights

2008 Entrepreneurship Conference

Social Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship (Alumni)


General Entrepreneurship



Top Talks From Business Leaders and Experts


Learn to Teach Online and Learn to make Educational video tutorials


Useful MOOCs and open courses developed by European countries

Open Education Europa
The Open Education Europa portal is an online meeting place for practitioners and educational institutions launched by the European Commission as part of the Opening Up Education initiative.

This portal serves as a hub where learners, teachers, and experts can come together to find relevant, credible open resources and meaningful connections.

It works in partnership with institutions and individuals, while carefully validating and monitoring its content to provide relevant, credible and up-to-date resources.


Learn to Teach Online and Learn to make Educational video tutorials

Useful MOOCs and open courses for ESPAÑOL and PORTUGUÊS speaking countries



Miríada X ofrece una plataforma a los docentes de las universidades iberoamericanas que conforman la Red Universia en la que poder crear e impartir Cursos Online Masivos en Abierto (más conocidos como MOOC’s), accesibles para todo el mundo de manera gratuita.
Cursos Abiertos de universidades IberoAmericanas de la red Universia.

Aprende y comparte con los cursos online que te ofrecen las universidades iberoamericanas de forma gratuita y en abierto: