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Useful free Youtube videos for IIT-JEE and other engineering entrance exams preparation 2


Homecooked STEM videos for K-12 students made by MIT students. Served up fresh from MIT’s Office of Digital Learning.

Visit http://k12videos.mit.edu/

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Electricity From Solar Cells

Colorful Chemistry of Acids and Bases


This YouTube channel contains a series of Physics videos which are intended to give a basic introduction to the subjects covered. They explain the essence of the

subject in as simple as way as possible. They assume basic knowledge of algebra and calculus and some general physics.

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Einstein Field Equations – for beginners!



EDUOnlineIndia is a revolutionary solution which will be of great help to the students preparing for IIT JEE. It is a student’s personal mentor and Tutor from Kota,

providing them guidance and assistance 24*7. The video content helps the student to learn the concepts and see how the most difficult problems of IIT can be solved in

the easiest and fastest way through video lectures by KOTA Experts. It offers time-saving personal and illustrative online-interactive-coaching at home away from the

maddening crowd and easily accessible video solutions for preparation ofJEE Main/Advanced. Our supreme strength is our faculty of ex-IITians, who have lived the life

you aspire for, catering to the request and requirements of hopefuls like you! So now you have an opportunity to realize your dreams and we are honored to be the

medium for you to lead you towards your dream……

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IIT JEE: Physics Online Video lectures – Magnetism, Magnetic Force on a moving charge By NKC Sir

Tyler DeWitt


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Need help with Chemistry? Whether you’re in high school, college, AP or IB courses, these videos can help! They are also targeted to students studying for the AP Test,

SAT, MCAT, DAT, and OAT exams, as well as students in nursing, nutrition, pre-med and pre-vet programs. We’ll cover the introductory topics patiently and clearly,

using lots of examples, analogies and practice problems. The main topics covered in this library are: Significant Figures, Scientific Notation, Density, Stoichiometry,

Nuclear Chemistry, VSEPR Theory, Atomic Structure, Covalent and Ionic Bonding, Thermochemistry, and Gases.


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